Equipment Packages

4 private equipment sessions –  Package special $250  Expires 2 months from date of purchase.  One time usage for new clients only, who have never been on equipment.

5 private equipment sessions –  Package special $340   Expires 2 months from date of purchase.

10 private equipment sessions –  Package special $650  Expires 3 months from date of purchase.

We have pricing for 8-15 week group studio class sessions, Monthly Equipment sessions,  Ongoing private, semi-private, duets, trios, quartets.

Group Classes

All Pilates Mat,  Gentle Yoga,  Flow Yoga,  Tai Chi, Zumba, Cardio Ballet Barre, Zenga/Vinyasa Flow Mat, Interval Circuit Training, Gyrokinesis®

• $15 / class, if pay for entire session

• $18/ drop-in

TRX® Suspension Training

• $20 / class,  if pay for entire month

• $25/ drop-in


• $15 / class, if pay for entire session

• $18/ drop-in

Yamuna Body Rolling™ Class

• $20 / class, if pay for entire session

• $25/ drop-in

Pilates Stability Chair Class

• $20 / class,  if pay for entire month (limit 6 people)

• $25/ drop-in

Pilates Mat and Reformer Progression Class

Progression classes are appropriate for everyone, from beginning exercisers to seasoned athletes.

• $25/class, if pay monthly – Class offered in groups of 4 (quartet)

• $30/ drop-in

Private and Semi Private Pilates or Gyrotonic®

• $75 / per session  Private

• $45 / per person Duet

• $35 / per person Trio

• $30 / per person Quartet


• $75 / per session  Private only

All 1 hour Private Pilates, Gyrotonic®, ActivCoreFEX,® Yoga sessions with  Master trainer

Shelia Donovan: $85

Space is limited in all classes, so please sign up early.

• We accept MasterCard and Visa, Discover, and American Express

• A 24 hr cancellation notice is required to avoid being charged.

Payment Policies

Equipment classes

• Payment: Client agrees to pay session and/or package in full prior to their next session/ package is due.

• Arrival/Departure: The client’s late arrival or early departure from a scheduled workout will not reduce the fee. The instructor will wait for 20 minutes for a private client. After this period, the instructor is free from obligation and client is charged full amount of the scheduled appointment.

• Standing Appointments: It is understood that the standing appointments are ongoing, week to week. These appointments are understood to be held in reserve for the client so that no one else can utilize said equipment and space.

• 24 Hour Notice: The client is responsible for these standing appointments unless he/she cancels at least 24 hours in advance or states termination of the standing appointment . Client understands terminating the standing appointment means giving up the reservation of that day & time.

• Absences: If you’re unable to come to your weekly equipment group that has already been paid for, you have the option to make up the equipment class with 2 studio group classes.

• Our Computer Program Settings Require Client’s Credit Card Be On File

The Client Agrees to the 24 Hour Cancellation Policy And Will Be Charged On Credit Card for Cancellations Made Less Than 24 Hours before Their Scheduled Workout.

Package Expiration Policy

• The 4 session Beginner Package expires 2 months from date of issue.

• The 5 session package expires in 3 months from date of issue.

• The 10 Session Package expires 4 months from date of issue

• Only under extenuating circumstances, such as illness or injury, verified by physician, and/ or at the discretion of the Shelia Donovan Pilates Studio, will this policy be altered. Alternative arrangements may be allowed at the discretion of Shelia Donovan Pilates Studio.