Our clients keep coming back because we have the programs they want and the times they need and use instructors that share their passion for excellence in healthy living…Click on the 3D Tour Button below and see why they love the facility!

“Thank you so very much for introducing me to Gyro!  After last night’s session on the machine I thought for sure I would have some lower back pain.  I was Wrong!  I woke up this morning pain-free and feeling better than any chiropractic adjustment I’ve ever had.  This system is a must for everyone and anybody who sits all day as a desk or for those who are athletic.  I’m hooked!”
Valerie (Milton, MA)
“I’m in my late 50s and have been taking Pilates for about a year now.  Melissa is a wonderful introductory teacher – warm and welcoming and gently encouraging.  Pilates has enabled me to protect my back from injury, makes me feel great, feel good about having a waist again, and has given me the strength and stamina to do many things.  This winter I was able to shovel away all the mounds of snow without injuring myself!  Last weekend, I went to a big family celebration and danced the entire night away.  I had so much energy and had no soreness the next day!  And tonight, I went bowling and had so much stability and control that I had the best score yet!  I encourage you to join Shelia’s Pilates family.  You’ll be so glad you did!”
Susan (Canton, MA)
“My cancer surgery removed a muscle from my neck.  After four weeks of Pilates at Shelia Donovan’s studio, I am able to rotate my neck fully in both directions!  Thank you Shelia and Susan Paolini!”
Peter (Newton, MA)
“The Shelia Donovan Pilates Studio is a beautiful studio that exudes a feeling of healing and wellness in motion.  The studio offers many programs for improving and maintaining good health.  It was in this studio where I was inspired to return to Yoga.”
Diane (Norwood, MA)
“I have been attending classes at Shelia Donovan’s Pilates Studio for over a year.  The instructors are very encouraging, enthusiastic and knowledgeable.  I have enjoyed taking Pilates, yoga and equipment classes.  The classes have made me much more flexible and have improved my overall strength.  This studio provides a welcoming and nurturing environment to meet a variety of fitness goals.”
Darlene (Canton, MA)
“Thanks to Shelia and the Pilates studio, I have found the perfect strength and conditioning exercise program in a friendly, healthy and energetic environment.  I have enjoyed Mat Pilates, Chair Pilates and TRX for over 10 years, looking forward to every class.”
Naomi (Stoughton, MA)
“In my 20s, I underwent back surgery. I am now 61 years old and for almost 40 years have lived with chronic back pain.  I have been taking Pilates at Shelia Donovan’s for 2 years and my back feels great.  I can now bend and stretch, have a greater range of motion and my back pain is only a memory.  I recently went on a golf trip and played 6 rounds of golf in 4 days without any pain…an Incredible experience for me!  I am so grateful to my instructor, Sue, and the Shelia Donovan Pilates studio.”
Michael (Walpole, MA)
“Wonderful skilled caring teachers this Studio is so beautiful!”
Marie Brennan
“Top notch teachers, great studio space, and a warm and caring environment.”
Pamela Peters
“Absolutely loved this exercise studio. I am visiting friends in the …area(I am from Maine). Great TRX workout for a post thanksgiving weekend…the instructor Ally was awesome. Thank you to the wonderful staff and to my friend Samantha Dunham for bringing me here. I will definitely be back when in the area again.”
Angie Plummers
“Amazing Yamuna Class this morning! Yummy Psoas and Quad work! Love stepping foot in Shelia Donovan Pilates Studio. Activates Mind Body connection right away”
Stacey Coyne
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